Liquid Cooling Unit Module Unit

More and industry situation which producing or running would increasing the temperature , so its need temperature control or cooling. And liquid cooling its best solution which safe and stable. Also some liquid need keep right temperature, for example , the Bio- liquid ,milk , water , wine which need right temperature . we focus on thermo control technology that the liquid temperature control or cooling the liquid which drawing the heat from heating source parts in different industry application . we apply our products to Aesthetical /surgical laser, semiconductor industry , water treatment, testing instrument , Battery cooling , spot cooling for more than 100 global customer already.



    Chiller Application

    Their size, weight, and durability make them ideally suited for mobile or portable applications, including:

    Aesthetical /surgical laser cooling

    IT/Chip Semiconductor cooling

    Battery thermo management

    Water treatment

    Product List

    Model Power
    Capacity range(W) Application Weight
    Refrigerant NOTE
    FSCH019Z24 DC 24V 1~7 130~400 1. Beauty Equipment Cooling
    2. Laser Cooling
    3. Communication equipment Cooling
    4. Industrial equipment Cooling
    5. High performance chip cooling
    6. Radar Cooling
    7. Special operation of the body cooling
    8. Medical use and medical equipment cooling
    9. Advertising machine Cooling
    10. Scientific experiments, special instruments and other equipment to cool.
    11. Evaporating Range -18~20 C
    3.3 R134A/R290 304 Stainless coil evaporator
    FSCH019Z24B DC 24V 1~7 130~400 3 R134A/R290  Stainless plate evaporator
    FSCH035Z24 DC 24V 2~12 200~550 5.3 R134A/R290 304 Stainless coil evaporator
    FSCH035Z24B DC 24V 2~12 200~550 5 R134A/R290  Stainless plate evaporator
    FSCH108Z24B DC 24V 2~19 300~1500 15 R134A  Stainless plate evaporator
    FSCH150Z24B DC 24V 3~24 400~2000 18 R134A  Stainless plate evaporator
    FSCH019Z48 DC48V 1~4.5 100~450 3.3 R134A/R290 304 Stainless coil evaporator
    FSCH019Z48B DC48V 1~4.5 100~450 3 R134A/R290 Stainless plate evaporator
    FSCH035Z48 DC48V 3~6 250~700 5.5 R134A/R290 304 Stainless coil evaporator
    FSCH035Z48B DC48V 3~6 250~700 5 R134A/R290 Stainless plate evaporator

    Note: we have strong R&D team, we can supply the customized sevice. If you have some special need , we can do the special.




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