About Us

Over 15 years of industry experience

About FS thermo

FS thermo is a HVAC&R Pioneer company who focus on the heating and cooling products designing, Production and marketing more than 15 years. We have serviced and cooperated with more than 100 customers in the global market.

Our main product is pioneer heat exchanger, compressor, and integrated refrigeration unit, special Chiller unit and Customization Thermal solution, for example, idle air conditioner and heating, mini refrigeration unit, low & ultra-low temperature freezing unit, dc solar solution air conditioner & refrigeration, etc.

We always providing and invest latest HVAC&R technology to enhance the customer experience and help us become a better business partner to you.

Our Service

We are cooling and freezing , heating thermal solution supplier in China. Our technology involved the air cooler , chiller , liquid cooling and heating for Daily equipment , Industrial thermal equipment , Vehicle cooling etc.

  • *Commercial / Industrial*
  • *Personal Cooling Systems*
  • *Electronics Cooling Systems*
  • *Medical Cooling Systems*
  • *Vehicle Cooling Systems*

We also help the customers to choose the right compressors and heat exchanger for their application.