Electric vehicle (EV) applications are emerging in the market. All efforts are concentrated on delivering the most efficient vehicle with the best in quality, and that is where Fsthermo is ready to help. From the chassis to the cabin heating and cooling, Fsthermo products and systems are present. The cooling/refrigeration part on an EV now becomes more important when compared to a fuel engine vehicle. The addition of larger battery packs creates more heating that needs to be removed or so get the packs heated when facing low ambient temperature conditions. This temperature management helps to increase the battery life, consequently reducing EVs maintenance and keeping its environmental benefits.

Battery Thermal Management

BTMS or Battery Thermal Management Systems, are designed to keep your battery operating at its most efficient and safest temperature range. With larger battery packs, it’s even more important to maintain optimal temperature for greatest efficiency, especially in low ambient temperature conditions. Our BTMS ensures that your battery is always at the right temperature.

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Cabin / Cargo HVAC

Transport and last-mile delivery of food and pharmaceutical products require precise temperature control for preservation and safety. Highly efficient climate control solutions for the cabin space maintain the comfort of drivers and passengers while maximizing the driving range of the battery.

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Battery Charging

Cooling solutions for stationary fast-charging stations or mobile chargers protect users and equipment while maximizing charging speed.

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Chassis Cooling

Cooling solutions for electric vehicle chassis, enhancing overall performance and safety through temperature management.

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