Air Conditioner

The air cooler is the equipment which cooling the air of space of the room or container or spot by air fan or blow cycle. We focus on the small space and spot precision temperature control. The products including the mobile air conditioner, cabinets freezer , spot cooler etc.



    Product List

    Model Power Supply(voltage) Refrigerant Cooing Capacity Power input(watt) Mounting Type Dimension(mm)
    FSAC350Z24 24v R134a 350 w 1200 BTU/H 110W fixed 300x200x200
    FSAC350Z48F 48V R134a 350w 1200 BTU/H 105W fixed
    FSAC650Z48F 48V R134a 650W 2050 BTU/H 160 W fixed
    FSAC650Z24 24V R134a 650W 2050 BTU/H 165 W mobile 450x215x240
    FSAC1000Z24 24V R134a 1000W 3400 BTU/H 320 W mobile 510x320x395
    FSAC2200Z24S 24V R134a 2200W 7500 BTU/H 600 W sperate 510x310x340(out)

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