How to chose a refrigeration compressor ?

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A refrigeration circuit as found in heat pumps, air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems is made up of four elements: a compressor, a condenser, a pressure regulator and an evaporator. In this circuit, the role of the refrigeration compressor is to compress the refrigerant gas, thus providing it with the mechanical energy required to create cold.

Since last 30 years ,the HVAC industry is booming , and also lot of companies developing and production refrigeration , including the rotary compressor , reciprocating compressor , scroll compressor ,screw compressor etc. lots of the type cause us confused .

When choosing a refrigeration compressor, the first element to consider is the refrigeration capacity you will need, as different types of compressors don’t have the same operating range. It will be easy to choose a technology if you need a low or high level of power. For a medium capacity compressor, it is more difficult to choose because several types of compressors could be suitable.

It is also important to consider the economic factor, for example choosing between an inexpensive hermetic compressor that can’t be repaired or a more expensive semi-hermetic or open compressor that can be repaired. For high power needs, you will have the choice between a cheap piston compressor or a more expensive but more energy-efficient screw compressor.

Other criteria that could influence your choice include the noise level and space requirement.

The latter is extremely important in order to choose a model that’s compatible with the refrigerant used in the refrigeration circuit. There are many fluids available and refrigeration compressor manufacturers offer specially adapted models.

Compressor Application-Commercial refrigeration and food retail

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